Our Story

I asked Josh for his number because there was a dental event at my school and wanted him to come do checkups on the kids. I kept asking him if he was still available to come in (secretly I thought he was cute). While in a meeting about one of my students one of the staff asked me “So, what about that dentist…” I replied bonnie in shock they didn’t know I liked Josh they just thought he was a cute single man and there may be possibilities.

About 3 months later he asked me out on a casual date over text. I thought maybe he got the wrong person and so I add texted him back saying is this for me and he said yes so, I went on our 1st date a few days later.

On Saturday December 30th, 2017 we went on our 1st date. We went to the North Pole Ice Park. I was late because I had to drop things off at a choir members house in North Pole. Josh was so excited that he was early making me extra late. After sledding and looking at the ice sculptures we then went to eat at Pizza Hut.

About a week later we went on a hike together and we’re talking about the movie Jumanji. Someone asked Josh who he had gone with and tried to guess. They kept guessing the wrong one. Eventually, when they were out of guesses, he sheepishly responded “Abbey” and then everybody knew we were dating.

I met his family in May of 2018 and in November we went to Hawaii for his Dental conference.

On December 29th, 2018 after watching the movie Up Josh asked me to marry him. And of course, I said YES!

Who are we?

The most important participants

The Groom


I was born and raised in a small town in Oklahoma. My childhood was filled with wonderful memories of tinkering in my father’s workshop, fishing with grandpa, growing vegetables in our garden, and getting my brother into a little more trouble than he deserved. I managed to finish college and dental school without moving away from Oklahoma. I enjoyed seeing other places and have done several road trips across the US. When I had to make I choice as to where I would start my dental career my interest was piqued by an opportunity in Fairbanks. My time in Fairbanks led me to some great friendships and experiences that mean the world to me. Perhaps the best started when a cute girl asked me for my number so she could arrange for me to come to the school where she worked to do dental screenings on the kids. After months of growing closer to this amazing girl, I decided I did not want to let this one get away. All I had to do was fill out this application…

The Bride


I was born and raised in Fairbanks. I am the middle of 5 children. In high school I was busy with JROTC, choir, cross country skiing and running. I volunteered at Camp Liwa as a counselor, kitchen helper and office worker. I also volunteered with the local AWANA club. I have been on a few short time mission trips in Mexico and the Philippines.

Recently, I have been active in the Sweet Adelines Chorus. I have been employed by ThrivAlaska Headstart for 4 years, as an early childhood educator. I am starting a new job with the daycare at Ft. Wainwright.

I am excited to start my own life with Josh and being a wife and homemaker. I enjoy cooking and hanging out with friends. Josh and I have fun playing games and hosting a young adult Christian group.

Wedding Details

on June 15th 2019

Main Ceremony

Journey Church / 2:00pm – 3:00pm

1201 Hoselton Rd
Fairbanks, AK 99709

Wedding Dinner & Party

Journey Church / 3:30pm – Late

1201 Hoselton Rd
Fairbanks, AK 99709

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