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“People will embrace theatre hugely on the other side of this. People who, in easier times, probably thought, “well maybe I’ll watch TV tonight”, they might think more about getting their coat on and going and seeing something LIVE AND REAL.”
Mark Farrelly in conversation with Karl Steele, 12 Jan 2021

Fans of Dr Who know that Time Lords from the planet Gallifreycan undergo transformation into
a new physical form and a somewhat different personality after instances which would normally
result in death. The COVID crisis has challenged everyone in the arts sector to adapt in order to thrive and survive. And so in May 2021 Edinburgh49 (est. 2013) began a regeneration into it’s latest incarnation. As GetYourCoatsOn.com we’ll continue to deliver the same high quality content but from more venues, locations, and festivals.

Realising creativity takes time, talent and heart. When your show gets back on the road shouldn’t you have quality feedback written by people who both know about what they’re seeing and care about what they write? Producers! Make sure to send us your press release.

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