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We want to help you publicize your show. Help us to help you (1) by keeping your answers short and sweet – but not too short; (2) by checking your spelling and punctuation, then check them again, (3) by coordinating properly with the rest of the company so we don’t receive multiple interviews from the same production, (4) and finally…



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**If your submission has been received, you should expect a reply within 24hrs. If no reply has been received please email us to check that a gremlin didn’t eat it. Don’t forget to check your junk!**


  • This is a verbatim interview which will appear EXACTLY as you write it. Use the tone you would when talking to a potential ticket buyer, not a potential reviewer!
  • Did we mention spelling and grammar yet? Consider checking out Grammarly the free writing assistant.
  • When asked, please provide the link to your listing on tickets.edfringe.com (not your venue’s website).
  • Agents! If you are submitting an interview on behalf of a client YOU are responsible for ensuring that it meets these criteria for submission especially in terms of length, what to say, and how to say it.
  • To get a sense of what to say and how to say it try reading a couple of past interviews here.
  • We’ll include a description of your show (taken from the listing) in the introduction to the piece, so don’t feel the need to repeat what’s in there in your answers.
  • This is an unfiltered opportunity for you to talk about your show. Be passionate. Don’t assume readers know what you know.
  • Question 4 says a lot about you and how passionate you are. Talk about your recommendations. Try to give more than a list. #EdFringe is about artists coming together to learn from and support one another. Use this opportunity to talk about the kind of art that inspires you. In such a massive festival, you’re going to need to give love to get love.
  • As with all the reviews & coverage you receive over the Fringe, don’t forget you can retweet the link to older content at any time.


You will know the interview is live when we tweet a link to the interview via our account @GetYourCoatsOn.

We hope to process interviews within 3 days (but we don’t promise). We will try not to publish more than 8 interviews a day. Interviews will usually be published on a first in, first out basis.

Any problems please contact us.


Re-read your answers before submitting them and ask yourself if the responses would make you more or less likely to see the show you are describing. If your interview makes us giggle then you’ve done good!