JUST READ THE POEMS! – S01E01 – Anne Connolly

JUST READ THE POEMS! (Does what it says on the tin)

Our city is a nursery of versery and every fortnight(ish) Edinburgh49 will deliver a double dose of poems auld and new read by one of the city’s leading talents. Will the style and substance of each edition’s poems complement one another? Maybe. Will the format of JUST READ THE POEMS! evolve as we try new things? Probably. Will you be inspired by the captivating beauty of the spoken word? Definitely!




The Golden Road to Samarkand by James Elroy Flecker

E49 Just Read the Poems – S01E01 – The Golden Journey To Samarkand


Just in Time – Cairo to Damascus

E49 Just Read the Poems – S01E01 – Just in Time – Cairo to Damascus


Anne is an Irish poet living and working in Scotland. She has enjoyed teaching throughout Britain for many years but the fun of being a granny trumps everything. She likes to sing, sew and potter in a wild garden, wanders regularly, drinks gallons of tea and enjoys an interesting whisk(e)y.

Photography and calligraphy are abiding interests. Anne has kept an eye on the School of Poets for several years, is a veteran of Slam poetry and reads and performs her work regularly throughout Scotland. She is the current Makar of The Federation of Writers, Scotland. Her work has appeared in numerous journals. Her own pamphlets are Downside Up and Not Entirely Beautiful. Love-in-a-Mist is a Red Squirrel Press collection.