Kind of a BIG Deal – Season 1 – Recap

“I don’t know how to put this…but I’m kind of a big deal.” – Ron Burgundy

You might think that it’s simply not possible for 2 people have an intimate conversation in front of hundreds of people. But it is! And it’s all thanks to the marvel of sound recording. (BTW, did you know, in 1889 Thomas Edison presented a phonograph to M. Eiffel while calling at the latter’s private apartment at the top of his tower?)

In each episode of Kind of a Big Deal you can listen to an exclusive & wide-ranging conversation between our Features Editor, Dan Lentell, and the kind of big deal folks our world-class arts scene attracts – writers, performers, movers and shakers.





Season 2 of Kind of a BIG Deal will include: David & Hilary Crystal (Wordsmiths and Warriors: The English-Language Tourist’s Guide to Britain); Phil Whitchurch & Sally Edwards (Shakespeare, His Wife and The Dog); & Angela Bartie (The Edinburgh Festivals; Culture and Society in Post-war Britain). WATCH THIS SPACE!