JUST READ THE POEMS! – S01E02 – Agnes Torok

JUST READ THE POEMS! (Does what it says on the tin)

Our city is a nursery of versery and every fortnight(ish) Edinburgh49 will deliver a double dose of poems auld and new, read by one of the city’s leading talents. In episode 1 we promised that the format would adapt and change as the series progressed. In episode 2 we will begin leapfrogging the poets – 1 episode, 2 poets, they’re here to JUST READ THE POEMS!




The Old Ladies in the Hospital

E49 – Just Read The Poems – S01E02 – The Old Ladies in the Hospital


Musee des Beaux Arts by W. H. Auden*

E49 – Just Read The Poems – S01E02 – Musee des Beaux Arts – W.H. Auden


Agnes Török is a multilingual spoken word performer, poetry workshop leader, poetry event organiser, and human. Her show, ‘Sorry I Don’t Speak Culture,’ was awarded the Best International Spoken Word Show (PBH) at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Agnes is also part of running the collaborative spoken word movement Loud Poets. Her two favourite gigs ever were in a muddy Nepalese classroom and an Edinburgh Bingo Hall with pink neon signs. www.agnestorok.org & www.loudpoets.com

Anges’ Favourite View in Edinburgh?: The view over Arthur’s Seat from the top of the abandoned language library in David Hume Tower.


Rachel landed in Edinburgh in 2010, via Manchester, New Zealand, Oxford and a small seaside town in Northern Ireland. Her first pamphlet, The Glassblower Dances, won the 2013 Callum MacDonald Award from the National Library of Scotland. She was the Michael Marks Poet in Residence at the Harvard Centre for Hellenic Studies in Greece in July 2013, and spent time in South Africa as part of the Scottish Poetry Library/British Council project Commonwealth Poets United in the spring of 2014. Mostly, she really likes getting up on stages.

Rachel’s Favourite View in Edinburgh?: From the top of the Scott Monument.

*Copyright © 1976 by Edward Mendelson, William Meredith and Monroe K. Spears, Executors of the Estate of W. H. Auden. Used entirely without permission.