+3 Review: Lords of Strut: Late Night TV Talk Show (Assembly Roxy: 5-28 Aug: 19.00: 1hr)

“Crams so much ridiculousness into an hour that you can’t help but laugh at something”

Editorial Rating: 4 Stars

Sometimes you have to see a DJ dressed as a bunny, a man pretending to be a rock and a Michael Flatley tribute to really feel like you’ve experienced the Fringe properly. This show crams all that and so much more ridiculousness into an hour that you can’t help but laugh at something.

It’s very full-on and upbeat, if a little chaotic, and the energy of our hosts Sean and Seamus is infectious – striking that perfect balance between confidence and self-deprecation to form an instant connection with the audience. We join them in their attempt to put on their own late-night tv talk show, and we are their live studio audience. Of course it doesn’t go at all to plan and they have to make various fudges to keep things running – and that’s when the hilarity ensues.

As with any chat show the format is a serious of skits and characters making guest appearances, the funniest of these being the appearance of the hosts’ mother as a last-minute stand-in – a plus-sized, randy cougar who of course makes her rounds in the audience to find a man. I won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s just say I (along with various other male members of the audience) was invited to do something I have categorically NEVER done before, and something which caused much hilarity (and a little disbelief) among the crowd. To those with a delicate disposition, look the other way and run, fast!

In saying that, what is pleasantly surprising about this show is how talented the Lords are: early on we are treated to a no-holds barred dance routine to one of Queen’s greatest hits, with various acrobatic tricks thrown in for good measure, and both gentleman are genuinely funny and creative in their costume designs and skit ideas. The “rough around the edges” and slightly improvised feel adds to its charm, if not to my personal taste.

With stand-up, storytelling, dance breaks, weird and wonderful characters, fight sequences, and of course, a healthy dab of audience interaction this show does have something for everyone, but having a drink or two before going to see it might be advisable…

Star (blue)Star (blue)Star (blue)Star (blue)

Reviewer: Steve Griffin (Seen 5 August)

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