+3 Interview: Family Values


“Writer Michael Dalberg is an incredibly smart guy, maybe too smart for his own good.”

WHO: David Gasperetti – Director

WHAT: “Trent and Liam have completed one last job which hopefully has freed them from their mafia ties. Set in the Florida Everglades, these two brothers must learn how to become a real family. Just as their bond seems to strengthen, two strangers arrive at their hard-to-find home. Are these people here by accident, or have they been sent by other members of the family? Or worse: are these people closer to Trent and Liam than they realize? A dark, gritty, physical new drama that explores how perilous escaping the past can be.”

WHERE: theSpace on the Mile (Venue 39)

WHEN: 19:15 (60 min)

MORE: Click Here!

Is this your first time to Edinburgh?

I was here last summer for a few days as a spectator and fell in love. This year I’m proud to say I’m a participant.

Tell us about your show.

I went to undergrad school with the playwright, Michael Dalberg. He’s an incredibly smart guy, maybe too smart for his own good. I was looking for a script to direct in my hometown about three years ago and contacted him. That’s the first time Family Values was placed on my radar. After reading the summary of this mafia play, I determined it was not the kind of play a very conservative community would embrace so I put it on my shelf.

Just about a year ago after my first Edinburgh Fringe experience, Family Values was put back on my radar. Michael’s play won a fresh ink competition back in the USA and received a staged reading. I finally sat down and gave the play a read and determined this was perfect for the Fringe. Absolutely perfect.

As one reviewer wrote, it’s “frustratingly brilliant” and that’s a true description to the intelligence of the play. There are so many layers of this play that showcase the complicated life of the brothers, the remnants of a broken family, and is redemption even possible for this group? It’s light-hearted and funny, but also physical, dark, and gritty. People have even used the word “Tarantino-esque” to describe the intensity and physicality and yes that is an accurate description.

We received 4 & 5-star reviews during our London preview which is fantastic and reflects both the efforts of the Ghost Light team and also the appetite of our audience. People want to see a play that’s intelligent, intense, draws you in until the very end, and when the lights come back up the audience says to themselves “Whoa”. Vital clues are sprinkled throughout the play and if you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss out. At the end of our thriller play, I guarantee you’ll come to one conclusion, the person on your left another, and on the right a third. As artists, this is exactly the experience we want to create for our patrons.

What should your audience see at the festivals after they’ve seen your show?

I haven’t seen too much yet as we’re still getting into the swing of things for our show, but I do recommend Yokes Night by the Stay Up Late Collective. Dublin, March 11, 2015, all drugs are legal. Without giving too much away, it’s the right amount of striking directly to the heart and the right amount of messed up.