Meet Our +3 Team #EdFringe ’17 – Iona Young

“I guess what keeps me here now is my friends, the beautiful architecture and a love for all things Scottish.”

Iona is a Journalism Student at Edinburgh’s Napier University who you can usually find roaming around the Grassmarket/Cowgate area, either chatting away to everyone or having a good boogie on the dance floor! Having moved away from Edinburgh for a few years she now appreciates even more what this fantastic city has to offer.

In particular she loves Edinburgh’s live music scene and enjoys getting to know all the great people you meet in and around Edinburgh’s pubs and clubs.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, and do you follow it?

Whenever something goes wrong my German grandmother says to me, “Es gibt Schlimmeres.” Directly translated this means “there are worse things.” In other words appreciate what you have, stop complaining and get on with it. I would like to think for the most part I do follow this- although I do like a good moan every now and then.

If space invaders came to burn down Edinburgh, but wanted to leave just one thing standing, what would you ask them to leave? (You can’t say the castle. Not even space invaders could capture Edinburgh castle.)

The Cowgate. Then at least we would still have places to dance.

What first brought you to Edinburgh? What keeps you here?

I grew up in Edinburgh. At 16 I moved to Germany for four years and although this was a great experience I always wanted to come back. I guess what keeps me here now is my friends, the beautiful architecture and a love for all things Scottish.

What’s the first live performance you can remember?

My family always took me to see lots of shows when I was younger but none really come to mind. What I do remember is when my mum and I saw seeing Paolo Nutini when I was 14 – love at first sight!

What’s the best live performance you’ve ever attended?

Spartacus at the Bavarian State Opera in Munich. My grandmother took me to see this last Christmas. Usually I find ballets too long and therefore tedious at times but this exciting performance, under the new ballet director Igor Zelensky, took me by surprise.

What are you most excited about seeing at #Edfringe17?

This year I have decided to pick a couple of shows which are completely new. As I don’t really know what to expect I am not ‘most excited’ about any one of them – I just hope at the end of the Fringe I can say I experienced something unique.