+3 Interview: Emotional Terrorism

“The show premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June. We also did some dates in Raleigh, North Carolina before coming to London to do Previews at the end of July.”

WHO: Ellyn Daniels, Creator/performer

WHAT: “In this one woman show, Ellyn Daniels takes us on an intoxicating ride from Orlando to Togo, from ballet to bulimia, from walking the runways of Paris to blacking out in Hollywood mansions, and from sitting on the precipice of suicide to finding salvation through stand-up comedy. Daniels puts a hilarious spin on her most psychologically demoralizing moments in this unapologetic, soul-bearing tale of one girl’s journey from humiliation to liberation.”

WHERE: Just the Tonic at The Caves (Venue 88)

WHEN: 21:00 (60 min)

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Is this your first time to Edinburgh?

This is my first time to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and my first time to Edinburgh as an adult. I was here once before when I was 15 with my friend’s family, who were kind enough to take me along on a bizarre antique-hunting holiday throughout the U.K.

Tell us about your show.

My show is called ‘Emotional Terrorism’ and it’s a one-woman show which I wrote as an attempt to understand the voices in my head and where they originated and to look at some of the emotionally terrorizing experiences of my life through a comedic lens. It’s a dark comedy which will make you laugh, gasp and possibly even cry, but it will definitely make you feel something and hopefully inspire you to see all the parts of yourself and your own story in a new and more profound light.

I am collaborating on this piece with my good friend, Adam Fazel, an amazing sound designer/composer. He’s created a beautiful and sometimes haunting sound design which serves to transport the audience to all the places (Togo, Tokyo, Germany, LA, etc), and psychological spaces that the story takes you. The show premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June. We also did some dates in Raleigh, North Carolina before coming to London to do Previews at the end of July. I’m not sure what is next for the production, but hopefully we will have the opportunity to perform it again in London and beyond.

What should your audience see at the festivals after they’ve seen your show?

1) Lauren Pattinson’s Lady Muck @ The Pleasance Courtyard (though I think it might be sold out after a stellar five-star review) What I love about Lauren is her vulnerability on stage. It is so unusual to see that it a young comedian, especially a woman, because we have to be so tough to keep going in this business. She is really special and her show is unusually profound.

2) Richard Stott’s Wretched @ Just the Tonic- Richard was born with Poland Syndrome and speaks to his experiences trying to make it in showbiz with a rare birth defect.

3) Kevin McAleer- Saying Yes to Yes @New Town Theatre- apparently Kevin only does a show every 11 yrs. I’ve heard this is a work of genius and I am uber excited to see it.

4) Also, check out Gunshot Medley @ Venue 13. They were also at the Hollywood Fringe and their show has a powerful message about the history of racism in the U.S.