+3 Interview: Neon Hangover

“I was just sitting down to sunbathe when this guy jogged past and something happened that I found really challenging… he complimented me.”

WHO: Kimberley Datnow: Stand Up Comic

WHAT: “A fast-paced hour of the cream of the up-and-coming crop! Sean Lynch (MTV’s Death Match), Ben Keenan (Amused Moose semi-finalist), Adam Elmi (SYTYF semi-finalist) and Kimberley Datnow (Warner Brothers Young Talent finalist, Bridget Jones for the modern millennial). Bringing you an hour of joyous silliness to kick-start your day! Best show you’ll see on the Fringe! See the show, get the glow. Free glow sticks to kick-start your morning! ‘Promising newcomers’ (Buzzfeed.com).”

WHERE: Just the Tonic at The Caves – Just the Spare Room (Venue 88) 

WHEN: 11:35 (60 min)

MORE: Click Here!

Is this your first time to Edinburgh?

The first time I ever came up my friend emailed me and said do I want to come up to the Edinbrough fringe I genuinely thought it said Edinburgh Fridge. And she was like, “Kimberley what would be in an Edinbrough fridge? Haggis and Heroin!” I’m sorry it’s cause I’m dyslexic I have a problem with the written word.

What’s the biggest thing to have happened to you since Festivals ’18?

I was hoping to catch some rays in the park the other day… Ray Liotta, Ray Romano and Ray Mears… No, that’s a joke guys. I’d never sleep with a guy named Raymond.

I was just sitting down to sunbathe when this guy jogged past and something happened that I found really challenging… he complimented me. I have the hardest time taking compliments! Whenever someone compliments me… I GO THROUGH THE 5 STAGES OF GRIEF…

So this hot guy jogs past and he goes, “nice top.”  Straight away I’m into the first stage of grief. Denial: Surely he wasn’t talking to me? A moment later it’s stage 2 Anger. How dare he only care about my looks, I not some piece of meat, Then Stage 3 bargaining. Please, God. If he runs through this park again I’ll be nicer. Followed by Stage 4 depression, oh now what do I do, he might have been The ONE! My life is meaningless without him. And finally Stage 5 acceptance, yes, it is a nice top.

And that’s how I handle every single compliment. Maybe it’s just a side effect of having boobs. Lucky I hardly ever got any, otherwise, I couldn’t function.

Tell us about your show.

It’s a 4 person stand up compilation show, it’s our first time at Edinbrough, and first time doing a show together. One of the first stand-up shows in Edinburgh setting the tone for the day. 11.35am.  The comics are from around the world. English woman, Irish man, American man, and a guy from Birmingham and an mc from Texas! We all met on social media and decided to do a show together! “Risky!” After putting out a post and after a lengthy selection process we chose the best 4 based on wit, comic abilities and sex appeal! And one can be seen on MTV and Amazon Prime too!

What should your audience see at the festivals after they’ve seen your show?

Monsoon season it’s a tragicomedy it’s at 2.25 Underbelly! Unique and gripping.

Rob Mulholland; great stage presence, great timing, well-written jokes, brilliant!

I would recommend A friend’s show called Disabled Coconut, he is a disabled comic, very funny and his show has been sold out every night!

Also, go and see Mother, it’s a 2 person sketch show in the vein of news review, very funny, also go and see news review!