‘Josh Glanc: Vrooom Vrooom’ (Monkey Barrel Comedy- The Hive, until AUG 28)

“A top set, delivered faster, with more power and precisions than Djokovic on Centre Court.”

Editorial Rating: 5 Stars (Outstanding)

I absolutely 100% did not piss myself laughing watching Josh Glanc just now. There was already piss in there, mostly my own, but there was not a dry seat in the (very full) house. After 55mins of spot-on gags, one-liners, musical numbers, prop comedy, and unbounded silliness even the sky has started pissing itself. Edinburgh’s ultra hot summer is done, it’s over, and Josh Glanc is the reason why.

There’s stand-up comedy and there’s stand-out comedy. Often personal, with occasional flashes of genius, with never a slip, hesitation, or moment of let up – what we just saw was a top set, delivered faster, with more power and precisions than Djokovic on Centre Court. I could try to describe the various bits and pieces but it would be like trying to describe an especially surreal painting by Salvador Dali to a cave fish.

The audience participation works because it empowers the punter while continuing the theme of gentle self-mockery. That’s been one of the steady drum beats throughout this uptempo, music-rich set. The little Melbourne lawyer who packed it all in to join the stand-up circus. Cheer up Josh, if your parents were here instead of writing about how disappointed they are in your career choices on MomsNet, I’m sure they would tell you how fecking funny you are. The world needs more joyous, joy-fuelled art and fewer people retaking the entrance exams for the Broadmeadows Bar Association for the 8th time.

Come for the hot chips, potato cakes, dim sum, and sausage rolls. Stay for the best set you’ll see in this particular room at this particular time, leave with the auld lady in the seat next to you’s umbrella. You’ll need it because, like I said, the Gods in Comedy Heaven are pissing themselves with laughter.


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