EdFringe Talk: Beg For Me

“It will take more than a global pandemic to kill our industry – we’ll be here after the apocalypse, creating puppet shows with the ruins.”

WHO: Rosa Maria Alexander

WHAT: “6/1/2021: One day replayed on repeat in @R3alAm3rican99’s head. In this riveting new play by Rosa Maria Alexander, follow how one young man’s radicalisation leads him to the steps of the US Capitol. Beg For Me explores the implosive intersection of violent misogyny, the alt-right and digital extremism. One year on from the storming of the Capitol, the US has experienced a “peaceful” transfer of power – but have the forces that brought thousands to protest the results of the election changed? Beg For Me delves into the mindset of toxic male behaviour – with dark consequences.”

WHERE: Underbelly, Bristo Square – Jersey (Venue 302) 

WHEN: 13:00 (60 min)

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Is this your first time to Edinburgh?

I’m local to Scotland (Perth) so I’m no stranger to Edinburgh and the Festival! I’ve attended for years, both as a performer and as a punter, but it is my first time bringing my own show here and it has been a completely fresh, exciting experience!

I think it is easy to forget how much work goes into the Festival when you attend for the day – you get to go home shattered after a day of watching incredible shows and recover your hangover with plenty of sleep but performers and creatives never get a day off. It’s a constant cycle of flyering, social media, fixing any problems that go wrong, press & marketing, seeing other shows, finally doing your own show and then more flyering!

What are the big things you’ve learned since 2019 and have you absorbed any of the lessons yet?

It will take more than a global pandemic to kill our industry – we’ll be here after the apocalypse, creating puppet shows with the ruins.

Tell us about your show.

I was asked by my wonderful friend Alex Conder about a week after the insurrection on the Capitol in January 2021 if I could write a one-man show on the alt-right. Oh, and could I do it in less than 3 months? Of course, I said yes and Beg For Me was born. Beg For Me takes a look at the violent nature of the alt-right, the effect that digital platforms has had on amplifying these voices and the highly nuanced modern-day ‘sex positivity’ movement and the role media plays in normalising ‘rough’ sex – often with kink becoming the baseline for new sexual encounters – and examines whether this trend of more intense intercourse is acting as a cover-up for acts of violence against women. Shortly after it was written, it was put on as part of Mountview’s Catalyst Festival and from there, the show has grown with short runs at the Pleasance in London and at Camden People’s Theatre SPRINT Festival (all produced and directed by the wonderful Olivia Munk, Creative Director of Part of The Main).

The show has changed alot since then and even more so now that I have taken on the roles of producer and director but I am always excited to see how it evolves with new directors, new producers and new actors at the helm.

What should your audience see at the festivals after they’ve seen your show?

My lovely friend and collaborator, Olivia Munk and her production company Part of The Main, have 3 amazing shows on this year which you cannot miss!

Bloody Mary Live! – Teen Queen Mary Tudor takes to the mic to rehab her ‘bloody’ image. In this gleefully vicious stand-up special, Bloody Mary tackles the drama every #queenager deals with: divorced parents, sibling rivalry and religious purges (…oops). (On everyday until 29th Aug 2022, Lammermuir Theatre – Pleasance at EICC, 10:00pm)

Fritz & Matlock – In a Sheffield basement, two men try to bury the bodies of their past to find a hopeful future. With no way out, will Fritz make it to his wedding? Will Matlock get away with murder? Or will the police finally raid the marijuana grow in the attic? A new dark comedy with a fresh take on men’s mental health, the care system and addiction. (On everyday until 29th Aug 2022, The Attic – Pleasance Courtyard, 2:05pm)

All By Myself – POV: you’re a vlogger. A productive (but chill!) DIYing vlogger. It’s the end of the world. What do you do when everyone’s left the internet? This is a show with no words about being your best self when no one will watch. (On everyday until the 28th Aug 2022, Playground 3 – Zoo Playground, 6:25pm)