+3 Interview: Cold Fronts and Hot Flushes: The Short Stories of Kevin Spacey

“Both of our cast members are completely new to Edinburgh as well, which will hopefully be a fantastic experience for them.”

WHO: Qasim Salam, Producer

WHAT: “A ghostwriter and his best friend work tirelessly to create the greatest book ever written. A book of short stories about love, religion, friendship and spiders. Except, they didn’t write a single word. Kevin Spacey wrote it. Kevin Spacey wrote everything.”

WHERE:  Greenside @ Infirmary Street (Venue 236)

WHEN: Varies (60 min)

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Is this your first time to Edinburgh?

This is Buttered Toast’s Fringe debut which is ridiculously exciting (and totally unexpected) considering we didn’t even exist this time last year. Both of our cast members are completely new to Edinburgh as well, which will hopefully be a fantastic experience for them.

Our directors are members of the Durham Revue sketch troupe so have a couple Fringes under their belt, whilst I’ve been hooked on Fringe since I first went in 2013 and haven’t missed one since doing a bunch of different things! It is my first time producing a Fringe show though, so that’s been a completely different build up to the Festival. I’ll actually be relieved to get there!

Tell us about your show.

Cold Fronts and Hot Flushes is the brainchild of Durham Revue regular and resident comedic powerhouse Andrew Shires. The storytelling comedy premiered at the Durham Drama Festival, where it took home 4 awards after a sell-out run. The play follows a ghostwriter as he takes on his greatest challenge yet: to write a book of short stories commissioned by Kevin Spacey. However, once his flatmate finds out, they both get sidetracked by the fantastical tales, and the play goes from quirky to utterly bizarre as they embark on a journey through the creative mind of Mr. Spacey, featuring the second coming of Jesus, friendly spiders and a porn-obsessed rural women’s association.

Buttered Toast produce the show, and were formed last November to provide a practice platform for aspiring young writers in the North East. We hold regular showcases in a speakeasy bar and arts space in Durham, which feature short new plays and extracts from longer pieces, as well as a mixture of stand up, sketch, music and spoken word.

We like to work with writers over a longer period of time, giving them the time, space and facilities to hone and practice their work. We also have a very relaxed atmosphere, and keeping a touch of silliness and fun with everything we do is important to us – which is why Cold Fronts and Hot Flushes is such a great debut show for us!

What should your audience see at the festivals after they’ve seen your show?

Ooooh there are oh so many! As a clown, I would definitely head straight over to the big guns Sam Simmons and Trygve Wakenshaw if you haven’t seen them already. Zach and Viggo are a brilliant clown duo who also both have their own one man shows, Tom Walker is fab too, and I am particularly excited about Laid by Natalie Palamides which is directed by the legendary Doctor Brown.

Our pals the Pretend Men do some great silly stuff, and now they are set IN SPACE. For sketch I’d say look no further than Aunty Donna, the Australian madmen, or Gein’s Family Giftshop. Sorry that’s quite a few, I could keep going but I’ll stop there for everyone’s sanity!