Interview: Homage to Paco de Lucia by Daniel Martinez (Online)

“After our extremely successful online charity concert on the 25th of April (we raised over £2,000 for the NHS Heroes and Volunteers) we decided to put on another concert, this time via YouTube.”

WHO: Daniel Martinez, Flamenco Guitarist & Composer

WHAT: “As part of Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company´s series of Traditional Flamenco Guitar concerts, we present you with a heartfelt tribute to Maestro Paco de Lucia.

Synonymous with flamenco and one of the most celebrated flamenco guitarists; Paco de Lucia is known to many as one of the greatest flamenco guitarists in history.

His astounding technique, pristine playing and revolutionary compositions and creativity are just a few of the many traits Paco de Lucia possessed. In February 2014 the world lost an incredible man and artist but his legacy lives on through his music.

Join us for our humble homage to the Maestro of Maestros and enjoy an hour of beautiful pieces interpreted with heart and soul by Daniel Martinez, Inma Montero, Danielo Olivera and Gabriela Pouso.”


Why ‘Homage to Paco de Lucia’?

Culture and the arts are taking a huge hit at the moment, as are the people who love nothing more than going out for dinner, drinks and to catch some live music. Therefore, after our extremely successful online charity concert on the 25th of April (we raised over £2,000 for the NHS Heroes and Volunteers) we decided to put on another concert, this time via YouTube.

Flamenco – whether you’re an avid fan or have never heard of it before – is a thing of great beauty.
During our upcoming concert on the 25th of July, we will be paying tribute to great Maestro Paco de Lucia, so expect intricate and stunning guitar playing complemented by beautiful singing and dancing.

It’s a great excuse to prepare some tapas, crack open a bottle of Rioja and take a trip to Spain from the comfort of your own living room!

What’s the one thing about this show that everyone should know BEFORE they take their seats?

Flamenco is really intense and emotional, be prepared to really feel something and be truly moved, even if you don’t understand Spanish- you don’t need to in order to appreciate this music and art form.

What makes this production unique?

Although our company, Daniel Martinez Flamenco, has its own music, compositions and productions, I felt I wanted to pay tribute to an artist that has massively influenced and shaped me as a musician. I grew up listening to Paco de Lucia and throughout my 14 years of study at the Royal Conservatoire of Music in Cordoba, Spain, I was lucky enough to study many of his works. Therefore, although this concert doesn’t involve our own unique music this time around, we are really looking forward to performing these pieces and hopefully even getting the chance to introduce this legendary flamenco guitarist to those of you that are new to flamenco.

What’s the one thing you know now that you wish you’d known at the start of rehearsals?

Paco de Lucia was an evil genius and this is way too difficult – abort mission now!!!


India Flamenco (Alba Flamenca, 7 -31 Aug : 18.15 : 1hr)

“A sensual evocation of the gypsy tradition through dance”

Editorial Rating: 4 Stars

The performance begins with a narrative delivered from off stage set to the music of the sitar. We, the audience, are told of the legacy of a dying Gypsy chief in Northern India where the peoples began. He charges the tribe to roam the world with the aid of a magic mirror which will guide them, in order to spread the message of the Gypsies – to live in happiness and harmony with respect for each other and nature.

The dance begins with the traditional ‘Bharata Natyam’ performed by a young Indian woman full of grace, energy and control. As the narrative progresses she hands the metaphorical baton to a belly dancer and leaves the stage, showing how the movement has spread to Africa. Through this sensuous, sinuous and lithe new dancer and energetic choreography we are shown the development of movement, music and the evolution of culture across continents.

Finally the stage is taken by a fiercely passionate Spanish woman who, along with a Flamenco guitarist and singer, performs a traditional Latin dance of great power and beauty. Each of the three dances is linked by distinctive movements of the wrist and percussive elements made either by castanets or Indian ankle bells.

The journey is completed as the three dancers come together to bring this memorable performance to a close. They (including the musicians) fill the small performance space, taking it in turn to take centre stage, but with a running thread of grace, power and sensuality across their individual styles.

Even though this is an incredibly emotive and powerful show, I feel it would have been even more special in a bigger space and with a more elaborate set. India Flamenco is a wonderful fusion of cultures interpreted through music and dance, with a simple but powerful message. This is a low budget, simply presented work, produced and performed with obvious love for the medium and a beautiful synthesis of form.

Star (blue)Star (blue)Star (blue)Star (blue)

Reviewer: Steve Griffin (Seen 22 August)

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