Bedfringe 2021 Interview: Max Fulham & Matt Daniel-Baker in ‘An Extraordinary Evening’

“The past year has also made us even more excited to be performing for a live audience again!”

WHO: Max Fulham and Matt Daniel-Baker: Ventriloquist and Mind Reader

WHAT: “A superb evening of Comedy & Mind Reading.

TWO sensational talents perform their extraordinary skills for ONE NIGHT ONLY!

TV Comedy Ventriloquist Max Fulham & International Mind Reader Matt Daniel-Baker perform for the very first time at the legendary Bedfringe.

Max was recently seen on ITV’s ‘Game of Talents’ & ‘Crackerjack’ and Matt’s TV appearances include ‘Masters of Illusion’ in Hollywood & ‘Penn & Teller’s Fool Us’ in Las Vegas. They look forward to bringing you an unmatchable feast of entertainment in one show.”

WHERE: Quarry Theatre

WHEN: 29 July 2021 @ 19:30 (100mins)

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Is this your first time to Bedfringe?

Bedfringe is a first for us and we are both incredibly excited about performing our show as part of this wonderful festival. We started collaborating on shows last year and Bedfringe will actually be the first opportunity we’ve had to perform together in 2021, so we jumped at the chance! It is going to be great to be able to bring our acts together again to create one ‘Extraordinary Evening” (get us slipping in the show title so smoothly!).

What are the big things you’ve learned since 2019 and have you absorbed any of the lessons yet?

Having the names Matt and Max in one act can cause confusion as they sound similar! In all seriousness though, I think one of the main things we have taken from the past year or so is adaptability. Both of us have had to be able to change what we do to fit new and changing situations whether that be adjusting our shows for COVID regulations or adapting things for zoom shows. The past year has also made us even more excited to be performing for a live audience again!

Tell us about your show.

‘An Extraordinary Evening’ is a show combining my (Max’s) ventriloquism and my (Matt’s) skills as a mind reader to create a unique and hilarious variety show like you’ve never seen before! Whether you are coming alone, as a couple, as a group or even bringing the whole family, a fantastic time will be had by all.

Max: I will introduce you to my cast of puppet characters including a monkey and my Grandad. A few other things may start to talk too but I’ll leave you to see that for yourselves! I feel like a talking monkey is the one thing that Bedfringe has been missing! Over to you Matt!

Matt: For my section of the show I will be using my deceptive mind and sharp wit to create some moments of wonder. It will be fully interactive and I’m looking forward to revealing things that I couldn’t possibly have known. So gather your deepest darkest secrets and come along to see if I can discover them!

What should your audience see at Bedfringe after they’ve seen your show?

Max: My wonderful friend Andrew White will be performing his show “The Gay Agenda Live!” which is sure to be a brilliant standup comedy show. I am constantly blown away by Andrew’s comedic skill so I would definitely grab some tickets if I were you!

Matt: If you’re in the mood for something a little spookier, I would recommend “David Alnwick: Nightmare Magic” which combines magic and horror. That sort of thing is right up my street and using magic to help drive the narrative is a great idea.