Edinburgh Nights: The Ukridge-Off

Competitive(ish) Wodehouse – World’s 1st Ukridge-off

Do you know Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge? Chances are you’re aware of Jeeves and Wooster, that’s if you haven’t been living under a particularly out of the way rock for the past 99 years. Ukridge is an older (but certainly not a wiser) comic creation, who first appeared in 1906. A schemer and a dreamer, Ukridge is P.G. Wodehouse at his most inventively silly.

One Friday in October Clive Hayward and Sarah Marie Maxwell popped by the Edinburgh Nights studio to big up the national tour of Irving Berlin’s Top Hat as well as Rights of Man, Clive’s own new musical based on Herman Melville’s Billy Budd.

Having described Clive as “Wodehousian perfection” it seemed to me like a rather splendid opportunity for some competitive(ish) Wodehouse. Two readings of two Ukridge passages (selected at random) by Clive and Edinburgh Nights‘ host Ewan Spence. England playing Scotland at home for the title. Will you agree with Sarah Marie’s choice of the winner?

E49 and Edinburgh Nights (141017) The Ukridge-Off ft. Clive Hayward v. Ewan Spence

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