+3 Interview: Backbone

“I love the city and the atmosphere and can’t wait to be back.”

WHO: Lachlan Binns: Acrobat

WHAT: “A high-octane spree of physical virtuosity, Backbone tests the limits of strength: physical, emotional, individual and collective. Staged with a deceptively DIY aesthetic and dispensing of trickery and distraction, this is circus that goes straight for the jugular and leaves no viewer unmoved. Backbone is the culmination of all that’s gone before: a celebration of human connectedness and the meaning of strength, its athletic appeal is run through with a conceptual brilliance that elevates it to a new level. Sexy, sincere, raw yet disciplined, Backbone is proof you can’t do the impossible without spending a little sweat.”

WHERE: Underbelly, Bristo Square – McEwan Hall (Venue 302) 

WHEN: 17:00 (60 min)

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Is this your first time to Edinburgh?

This is the first time Backbone will be performed at Edinburgh but I have performed in our last show A Simple Space in Edinburgh 3 times before. Audiences have loved our past performances and we have been waiting for a few years to bring our new show BACKBONE to the festival. It is such a great way for so many people to see our work and it is always one of the highlights of our year. My experience with the city and festival have always been incredibly fun. I love the city and the atmosphere and can’t wait to be back.

What’s the biggest thing to have happened to you since Festivals ’18?

Our company Gravity & Other Myths has created yet another show! We now have a huge group of acrobats and musicians that we work with. This means training with new artists, creating bigger and better skills and performing in even more places around the world.

Tell us about your show.

Backbone is produced by Gravity & Other Myths (GOM), it was directed by Darcy grant and devised by the whole ensemble of acrobats and musicians. In GOM one person doesn’t really write the show. We create the whole thing together with everyone contributing in different ways, through overall direction, composing and performing music or choreographing physical scenes. This means that the show is a reflection of every creative involved. It is a collection of images and stories that we have woven together to make the whole work.

Backbone is about strength. It is about the strength of an Individual or the strength of a group. It is about vulnerability and caring for each other. It is about carrying weight or supporting each other. It is about the strength of responsibility and trust. There is no narrative but a collection of powerful images and scenes that audiences can respond and relate to in their own way. It is spectacular acrobatics mixed with humour and joy.

What should your audience see at the festivals after they’ve seen your show?

There is so much amazing Australian Circus at this year’s festival. We may be biased but we really believe there is something special happening in the companies back home. For something small and sweet see You & I by Casus. If you want something bigger Humans by Circa is great. Bromance by BMT opened in 2013 at the first Fringe festival I attended, their show is clever, and they are incredible acrobats. Come along to Backbone and say hi after the show. We will be happy to chat and tell you all our favourites. The best thing to do is listen to the word on the street and make sure you see as much as possible. Time flies in this crazy month.