+3 Interview: Martha McBrier: Happiness Bully

“I love the Edinburgh Fringe with an ardency that has not diminished. Even completing this interview makes my vital organs tingle with excitement.”

WHO: Martha McBrier

WHAT: “Don’t be bullied into cheering up or thinking positive. Don’t let anyone tell you how or when to be happy. Stand up to happiness bullies. Frown, it’s already happened. Come and celebrate misery and country music, but don’t jump off the Tallahatchie Bridge. ‘Pure, dead, brilliant’ ***** (Scotsman). Let’s have a drink, put on some Johnny or Dolly and ride that lonesome train together. And remember, your life will never be as bad as Tammy Wynette’s… ‘A knack for funny storytelling’ **** (BroadwayBaby.com). ‘A naturally charismatic story teller’ **** (Fest).”

WHERE: Laughing Horse @ The Counting House – The Loft (Venue 170) 

WHEN: 19:15 (60 min)

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Is this your first time to Edinburgh?

This will be my 13th show (including 2 children’s shows) so not my first rodeo. I do not believe the number 13 to be a harbinger of misfortune, although I will get back to you on this after the Fringe…

I love the Edinburgh Fringe with an ardency that has not diminished. Even completing this interview makes my vital organs tingle with excitement.

Personal triumphs-wise, I once stood beside Christian Slater at the Comedy Awards. He had the most perfect complexion I have ever seen.

What’s the biggest thing to have happened to you since Festivals ’18?

Professional biggies – I wrote a screenplay and a novel. I learned how to laminate. I am still afraid of laminators though, I find heat and plastic a very troubling combination. Also, I discovered I can make a darn good ramen.
Personal biggies – I am a sucker for lifestyle ads that pop up on social media. I have just purchased Acupressure slippers. This seemed to be a most well-being -y thing to do, and I fantasised about walking around as my important pressure points were attended to. Oh, the multi-tasking! Tragically, the reality is not so pretty. You know the abject torture of standing on a piece of Lego in bare feet? Imagine that sensation all over your feet, every step you walk.

Tell us about your show.

Easy Peasy. Yours Truly wrote the show. ‘Twas directed by my nephew the handsome and talented actor/director Matt McBrier. I have a massive team of 2. The company came together largely out of biology, as many families do. It is premier -ing (is that a word) at the Fringe so it’s just as new to me as it is to anybody else.

A happiness bully is someone who tries to pressure people into feeling ‘positive’ usually at a moment when the person is in the depths of despair. The show discusses this behaviour and also country music and suicide – comedy perennials, n’est-ce pas? It would be good to get more people talking about suicide. Let’s get it out there- chew it around. It will then become a less scary topic and we can maybe prevent our young men dying from it.

Post Edinburgh, who can say? It’s in the lap of the goddesses. Of course, the dream is to present my own Country Music Radio show. The ongoing theme would be to deconstruct Bobbie Gentrie’s masterpiece ‘Ode to Billy Joe’ (which features in my show). I should totally pitch that…

What should your audience see at the festivals after they’ve seen your show?

My personal Fringe recommendations are Sarah Kendall, Basil Brush, (obvs), Matt price, Janey Godley, Jojo Sutherland, Dave Chawner, and White Collar Comedy, and also go and see a play – any play – as theatre is dying at the Fringe, and we can’t have that.