Bedfringe 2021 Interview: BOUDICA : An Interactive, Action-Packed Play for Kids

“Two out of Three of the Wild Geese were raised around Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, so it makes us very proud to be putting our biggest EVER show on here.”

WHO: Andrew Baker: Artistic Director

WHAT: “BOUDICA is a fast-paced, action-packed show steered by charming characters, with an innovative approach to engaging with the audience. We use experienced facilitators to bring the children into the world of the play through rhythmic participation, atmospheric activities & playing key characters. The story is dramatically told from both sides of the legendary Boudica myth, challenging the children to ask: Who am I going to fight for?”

WHERE: Quarry Theatre Garden

WHEN: 27 & 28 July 2021 @ 15:00 (75mins)

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Is this your first time to Bedfringe?

Yes! This is our first time at Bedfringe, and we couldn’t be more excited to take part. Two out of Three of the Wild Geese were raised around Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, so it makes us very proud to be putting our biggest EVER show on here.

For us, a great festival is all about families. It’s about people of all ages getting together to celebrate creativity together. Our mission has been to do just that – celebrate creativity.

What are the big things you’ve learned since 2019 and have you absorbed any of the lessons yet?

These past few years have taught us so much. But, not all of those lessons were happy one. We’ve learnt that sometimes people forget about how important being creative actually is and how important it is for people to get together and create stuff. But, we have all soldiered through and now we have our chance to make magic happen again.

We’ve also learnt that, no matter what, The Wild Geese team have always got each other’s backs, and we always have time for our community of kids and their families.

Tell us about your show.

We really do have something super special in store for you this year. We are incredibly proud of this show and the amazing cast and creatives who have made it happen.

Step back in time with us to ancient Britannia. The Romans are making their way across the land, destroying anybody who refuses to be ruled by them. A young queen, Boudica of the Iceni tribe, refuses to back down and begins her own war against the Romans. She fights for the freedom of her people, but Rome is unbelievable strong…

The story is full of action and drama but, just like all our shows, it is also full of comedy and fun. We ask our audience to take part as well! So, for those who would like to, there will be chances to actually be in the play itself! And, even if you don’t want to play a part, there are loads of opportunities to make noise and run wild during the performance. There is even a chance to be involved in a full blown battle! It’s not to missed!

What should your audience see at Bedfringe after they’ve seen your show?

Well, we love classic storytelling a lot. There are some brilliant storytellers at Bedfringe this year.

The amazing Mark Steinhardt’s show, ‘Twas A Dark And Stormy Night, will no doubt be a must-watch.

Also, Richard Pulsford’s show, It Just So Happened, looks incredible too!