EdFringe Talk: Walk-Man

“You never know what to expect here in Edinburgh and that’s the beauty of it.”

WHO: Jannik Elkær & Kristoffer L. A. Pedersen: Artistic directors

WHAT: “You will never cross the street in the same way again! Don Gnu digs into the tediousness of everyday routines in search of poetry and humour with muscular physicality and edgy stunt tricks. One ordinary day, four ordinary men take an ordinary walk through the city, until one of them suddenly decides to rebel… With trademark Don Gnu everyday stunts and raw physicality, Walk-Man is a performance about the extraordinary experiences of ordinary life. In a world where our everyday rules, norms and routines no longer apply – who are we really?”

WHERE: ZOO Southside – Main House (Venue 82) 

WHEN: 12:15 (60 min)

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Is this your first time to Edinburgh?

Our first time at Edinburgh Fringe festival was in 2016 where we were bringing our international bestseller “M.I.S. – All Night Long”, and it was hectic and overwhelming. We have been there quite a few times since then, and this year we are back at ZOO Southside with our new show “WALK-MAN”. And it is still overwhelming and hectic – but we love it!

You never know what to expect here in Edinburgh and that’s the beauty of it. It’s a mix of so themes, genres, styles and ways to express our human nature, vulnerability and crazyness, and we are always looking forward to be touched, confused and inspired from all the strange and crazy ideas out there.

What are the big things you’ve learned since 2019 and have you absorbed any of the lessons yet?

That it’s important to be well prepared, but more important to be there!

It has been quite a reminder, that we never know how things will go, you can plan a lot of things, but you need also to be prepared for – and embrace – improvisation. This is also an important way for us to develop our work. The beauty lies in the mistakes – in the unexpected and in the extraordinaire experiences in ordinary life.

Tell us about your show.

WALKMAN” is a very physical, funny and touching performance about a close encounter of four pedestrians crossing the street. Or they are trying to do so at least….

We always strive to create our work in a close collaboration with the artist’s involved. Everybody has a personal impact on the productions – we do believe this is what makes the works come alive and creates the always surprising encounter with the audience that our company is known for.

The show premiered in 2019 and was selected for several showcases and festivals – but as many many other productions from that year, the momentum faded when everything was cancelled. We hope our participation in Fringe this year will bring the show new life, as it truly deserves.

What should your audience see at the festivals after they’ve seen your show?

We of course must recommend seeing some of our amazing Danish colleagues also selected for the #DANISH Showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe; ROCKY! by Fix and Foxy also performing at Zoo Venues or one of the 4 works from Palle Granhøj performing at Dance Base – or maybe the online show TUESDAY NIGHT SLEEPING CLUB from Danish Hello Earth.