EdFringe Talk: Elf Lyons: Raven

“It is one of the most exciting places to spend a month and take risks – especially when seeing all the amazing alternative talent that you might miss on a usual commercial line-up or panel show on TV.”

WHO: Elf Lyons

WHAT: “Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Show nominee Elf Lyons floats to the Fringe with her new horrifying comedy show inspired by Stephen King. Part mad clown comedy spectacle, part Hammer horror. Elf becomes your own personal Pennywise as she merges horror techniques with old school storytelling to make you laugh and shiver in equal measure. Don’t be a Misery, get a glass of red rum, bring your pal Tony and laugh with Elf forever and ever. ‘Silly, touching and catastrophic’ **** (Sunday Times). ‘Lyons has genuine funnybones’ (Chortle.co.uk). As seen on ITV2, Dave and BBC Three.”

WHERE: Gilded Balloon Teviot – Dining Room (Venue 117) 

WHEN: 20:30 (60 min)

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Is this your first time to Edinburgh?

No. I’ve been almost every year since I was 18. It is one of the most exciting places to spend a month and take risks – especially when seeing all the amazing alternative talent that you might miss on a usual commercial line-up or panel show on TV. There are so many talented clowns and physical performers this year – especially from L’ Ecole Gaulier, which I would recommend!

What are the big things you’ve learned since 2019 and have you absorbed any of the lessons yet?

Chances are you are dehydrated and you just need to eat a vegetable and have a power nap.

Tell us about your show.

It is written, created and made by me. I hire a rehearsal room, throw loads of shit around (sometimes metaphorically, sometimes literally) and see what sticks and makes me happy. You have to challenge yourself.

What should your audience see at the festivals after they’ve seen your show?

There are so many amazing shows at this year’s Edfringe. If you like my style of comedy (and why would you be on here if you didn’t you weirdo?) then here are a few that I would definitely recommend that you check out and see. These guys are eccentric, unique, alternative and just all brilliant.

3am Brain – George Dimarelos .- Lovely man from Australia who is a book nerd and knows a lot about economics.

Amelia Baylor: Greatest Hits – Brings the Vibe in a way that makes you feel like a feminist and empowered manic pixie dream.

Amy Matthews: Moreover, the Moon – Go and see this woman for her style alone and then be jealous of both her comedy skills and her dress sense.

Andy Field – Best I-Shit-Myself-story ever.

Ben Moor and Joanna Neary: BookTalkBookTalkBook- This is art and this is what the fringe is ABOUT. Please go.

Britney – Friends and Nothing More – They have a sketch about Stephen King and Tabitha King. Need I say more?

Cerys Bradley: Sportsperson-Phenomenal funny legend directed by the phenomenal funny Joz Norris.

Christian Blighty: Playboy- Clown Madness with too many props. Crone – Horror comedy by one of the best physical theatre performers I’ve seen in yonks.

Crybabies: BagBeard – Good long eggs with silliness galore.

Davina Bentley: Never Again 2- Characters. Charisma. Nerve and So MUCH Talent.

Diane Chorley: Down the Flick – You just have to go.

Frankie Thompson: Catts- This woman is a future artist that Performance Art Grads will write their thesis about.

Garrett Millerick: Just Trying to Help- You can’t get better stand up.

Garry Starr: Greece Lightning- His dance as Atlas is one of the silliest things I’ve ever seen. We once did a naked Hamlet together on stage. See this man.

God Damn Fancy Man- AWESOME.

Grant Buse: SentiMENTAL!- We used to live together and he has gorgeous hair and a gorgeous voice and filthy jokes. Not Tim Minchin.

Harriet Dyer: Trigger Warning. Frankly if this does not win every award and get the accolades it deserves the whole fringe is flawed.

Isabelle Farah: Irresponsabelle- I wish I had been able to see this woman live on stage when I was growing up because she is inspiring and funny as hell.

Jazz Emu: You shouldn’t have- Silliness and Garth Marenghi oddity to the ecore.

Jen Ives: Peak Trans- You have to love Jen Ives. She’s ON it.

John Robertson: The Dark Room- He is Cult.

If you want to be cult, see JR. Jordan Brookes- No one can sit on a chair like him. Go to see him sit on a chair.

Jordan Gray: Is it a Bird? – She is a goddess that makes your heart soar and your stomach muscles churn from laughing.


Joz Norris: Blink – There is only one Joz Norris.

Julia Masli: CHOOSH! – Clown silliness from the doe eyed princess Julia Masli.

Katie Pritchard: Disco Ball – You can’t help but feel giddy with euphoria from seeing Katie and her joyous musical comedy.

Laura Davis: If This Is It. Laura loves plants, loves brioche, loves life and her comedy is like a beautiful couture gown with how it is woven together.

Lauren Pattison: It Is What It Is. Lauren should be Prime Minister because there is no one so on it as she is. She is the word EUREKA in one person.

Lily Phillips: Smut. Smut. So much smut. The Lovely Boys. These boys make me cry laughing every time. I just cannot.

Luke Rollason: Bowerbird. TOO MANY PROPS and a very good mime.

Maisie Adam: Buzzed. Her engagement story had me crying with laughter. She’s like how I imagine all The Losers Club would be in one person and that is a big compliment.

Mary O’Connell: There’s Something Wrong With Mary. Mary had be aching with laughter when I saw her at a gig the other day. She is as sharp as a knife Kathy Bates would use.

Michelle Brasier; Average Bear. Heard so so so many things about this show. Cannot wait to see her. Naughty. Just from witnessing this angel on stage at one of my clown courses, I know this is going to be super.

Nikki Hartung: Love, Pierre. Again, another student from one of my clown courses. Nikki entranced me then and no doubt will entrance you on stage.

Norris & Parker: Sirens. These women take sketch to places it should not go and I love them for it.

Paul Foot: Swan Power. I mean, if you don’t know who Paul Foot is… where have you been?

Phil Ellis: Hedgehog. Phil is chaos and will probably breach all health and safety rules in the process of his set.

Pierre Novellie: Why Can’t I Just Enjoy Things? Such an acerbic and nuanced comedian.

Richard Brown: Horror Show. Never seen Richard but I have heard awesome things and this sounds awesome.

Richard Stott: Afterparty. SOLID GOOD EGG THIS ONE.

Rosie Holt: The Woman’s Hour (I directed this one). Character comedy that is razor sharp.

Ryan Lane Will Be There Now In A Minute. Oh go on. Go. If you saw Hilda and The Spectrum then you need to see this. No one can do characters like Ryan.

Sami Abu Wardeh: Bedu. Physical clown fun.

Seayonce: Res-Erection. Silly AND sexy? What!?

Shelf: Hair. My god children. Had to include them.

Sikisa: Life of the Party. Sikisa is god. Siblings: Siblage. Siblings on stage. What isn’t to love?

Sooz Kempner: PlayStation. Sooz is the most loveable nerd queen of us all.

Susan Riddell: Living My 2nd Best Life. Every time I see Susan on stage I fall more in love with her.

Tom Crosbie: Nerd’s Eye View. Keep thinking about what this man can do with a Rubik’s cube.

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society. Technically a mixed bill but Simon Watt who runs this is ace and deserves praise for such a dynamic concept.

Vidura Bandara Rajapaksa. Has a joke on Portugal that kills me.

Vittorio Angelone: Translations. Seen this guy do some very exciting alternative short sets so interested to see his full hour.

Where’s Your Head At? Faye is divine AND has a trumpet.

Will Duggan: Iceberg. Will is to comedy what a strong oak tree is to a forest.

Yasmine Day: Songs In The Key Of Me. Always cry laughing watching Yasmine.

Yuriko Kotani: Kaiju About. The way Yuriko plays with rhythm on stage is a delight.

Zach Zucker: Spectacular Industry Showcase, Paid me to include him on this list.