EdFringe Talk: Some Other Mirror

“I’m so excited to be a real part of this hive of creativity, and get the chance to see a ton of queer-led theatre.”

WHO: Laurie Owen: Performer/Writer

WHAT: “A solo show about a gender identity crisis, in the high-pressure isolation of lockdown. The performer fights to come to terms with being a trans man, and on his journey, is visited by alternative versions of himself who offer various kinds of advice. The show explores a transmasculine experience of feminism, internalised transphobia, self-love, self-hatred and self-actualisation, with audiences calling it ‘a captivating look at a trans experience’ and ‘a beautiful, thought-provoking tour de force’. This autobiographical performance is written and performed by Laurence Owen and produced by award-winning theatre company, Chronic Insanity.”

WHERE: Pianodrome at the Old Royal High – Pianodrome Amphitheatre (Venue 117) 

WHEN: 19:00 (45 min)

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Is this your first time to Edinburgh?

This is the first time I’ve performed at Edinburgh. The last time I was here, I was volunteering with Greenside. I’m so excited to be a real part of this hive of creativity, and get the chance to see a ton of queer-led theatre, which just isn’t available in Nottingham.

What are the big things you’ve learned since 2019 and have you absorbed any of the lessons yet?

I’ve learned to be kind to myself as an artist, and change the artistic process to suit my health and energy levels when necessary. I have a full time job, and Joe Strickland (they/them), my director/producer, has been so excellent at reminding me that my wellbeing always comes before the show, and I think that ethos is what has allowed me to made the show amazing, as a result.

Tell us about your show.

Some Other Mirror is a show borne from my frustration at the lack of trans men in media, and my desire to share the beauty and profundity of transitioning, in a way that everyone can relate to, be they cis or trans. I originally developed it as a Zoom show for university, after I couldn’t return to Leeds to finish my course, and had to produce the show remotely from Nottingham. I’ve adapted it to Pianodrone’s gorgeous, intimate, in-the-round space with startling ease. The reason it was easy to adapt is because I’m primarily concerned with intimacy, and helping the audience feel really present with me and my story. That was difficult, but not impossible on Zoom, but at Pianodrome, the audience can be so much more intimate with me, and each other, while they watch.

What should your audience see at the festivals after they’ve seen your show?

Check out the vibrant programme of live music and performance at @Pianodrom Live! It’s made entirely from upcycled pianos, it’s the most unique venue at the Fringe and it’s run by two musicians who really know their stuff. #Jollyboat are so much fun, on every day, and they’re free! Their Parklife parody is worth its weight in gold. I’m very excited to watch Happy Meal, by @rootstouring, a story about two trans friends who fall in love on Club Penguin, because it’s a well-overdue story of trans joy.